Small cottage extension, traditional kitchen

"Steve created our kitchen with love, care and professionalism. Given that we had little more idea when we started than ‘we want it like that’ (pointing to our old shaker dresser), he dreamed us up a near-perfect kitchen at the early design stage. He was then, however, very open to any changes and additions we wanted to make and the result is a kitchen that feels unique and very much our own. Steve clearly has an innate feel for wood. The units are crafted to a high standard and fitted beautifully. His work throughout has been sharp, expert and personal. He was very patient with the time delays on our project (an extension that took agonisingly long to complete) and finished his own part of the work swiftly, unobtrusively and with style. Overall he has done an excellent job and we now have a kitchen that we truly love. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone looking for a craftsman to create them a beautiful kitchen to their exact specifications – and at a very reasonable cost too."

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